Professional sports teams stick by each other and support each other throughout their seasons. Teams show their fellow city mates love by having a whole night dedicated to them. For the NHL and even USA hockey that means making jerseys in honor of those teams. Here is my list of the best hockey jerseys inspired by non-hockey sports teams.

San Jose Sharks – Golden State Warriors

The San Jose Sharks showed their fellow bay area team some love by wearing Warriors inspired jerseys for warmups on multiple occasions with the most recent being on February 16th. With the Warriors being the best team in the NBA and looking for their third straight title the Sharks are fully on board and are behind their fellow bay area team. Hopefully, for Sharks fans these jerseys bring the Sharks the same championship success the Warriors have seen.

Tampa Bay Lightning – Tampa Bay Rays

On March 26th of 2018, The Tampa Bay Lightning celebrated their 25th anniversary by showing the love to their fellow city mates the Tampa Bay Rays. The Lightning wore Rays’ themed jerseys for their warmups on March 26th and they looked awesome. The inspiration of these jerseys came from the Lightning playing three seasons at the ThunderDome which is now Tropicana Field and the home of the Rays. I for sure loved the look of these jerseys and wish the Lightning wore them in game.

Los Angeles Kings – Los Angeles Lakers

On December 5th and 6th, the Lakers and Kings showed each other love by having back to back team nights. On December 6th, the Kings hosted Lakers night for their home game. During warmups in the Kings’ game, they wore absolutely stunning Lakers themed jerseys. Not only do they share a city together but each call Staples Center home. One thing is for sure, these Lakers themed jerseys make me miss the Kings old school jerseys.

Minnesota Wild – Minnesota Twins

After the 2018 MLB regular season ended Minnesota Twins superstar and icon Joe Mauer announced his retirement. Mauer was a career Twin and was a once in a generation player. On February 12th, the Wild honored the Twins legend by donning Twins’ themed jerseys and Mauer’s name and number were on the back of all the jerseys. The Wild gave Joe Mauer a true retirement celebration fit for a legend.

Los Angeles Kings – Los Angeles Chargers

On December 18th, 2018 the Los Angeles Kings showed their love to one of their city’s NFL teams. The Kings hosted Chargers’ Night at Staples Center and wore Chargers powder blue jerseys for warmups. In the NFL, the Chargers’ powder blue jerseys are considered one of the best of all time. The Kings scored a touchdown with these jerseys and hope to see them again soon.

St. Louis Blues – St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Blues have shown their support to their fellow city mates by wearing Cardinals themed jerseys multiple times. The Blues played at Busch Stadium (Home of the Cardinals) for the 2017 NHL Winter Classic. As a baseball fan, I love the look and history behind the Cardinals jerseys and the Blues hit it out of the park with the Cardinals themed warmups. I would love to see those jerseys again soon.

Los Angeles Kings – LA Galaxy

In October of 2018, The Kings hosted LA Galaxy Night at the Staples Center. The fans at the game were lucky to see the Kings wear Galaxy inspired warmup jerseys for the game. The LA Galaxy are one of the most successful MLS teams and their jersey crossover to the NHL was perfect and looked fantastic on ice.

Anaheim Ducks – Los Angeles Angels

The Anaheim Ducks share their city with one other sports team and that is the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels who used to have Anaheim in their name, have had multiple themed nights at the Honda Center. The Ducks have worn Angels themed warmups a few times and each time it has been a homerun look. I am a big fan of Angels jersey and I definitely want to see these jerseys again in the future.

USA Hockey – Buffalo Bills

For the first time ever in 2017, a World Junior Championship game was played outdoors. The 2018 WJC tournament had USA and Canada take their rivalry outdoors to New Era Field home of the Buffalo Bills. USA Hockey showed their love by wearing Bills inspired jerseys in the outdoor game and throughout the tournament. It was a classy move by USA Hockey and was definitely a unique look for USA Hockey.

Los Angeles Kings – Utah Jazz

The Kings are back on this list and this time it is for a team outside of Los Angeles. The Kings and Canucks faced off in a preseason game in Salt Lake City. The Kings made a classy move by showing their love for the only professional sports team in Utah by wearing Jazz themed warmup jerseys. The Kings have worn many different warmup jerseys of different sports teams and they have all looked awesome. It was a great move by the Kings to wear these jerseys and they were a slam dunk look on the ice.

Which jerseys did I miss on this list or which jersey crossover would you like to see happen in the NHL?

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